Be the one.

It's your neighborhood to take a stand in.

    One Love Louisville is a campaign managed by Mayor Fischer’s Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods that encourages civic engagement, promotes collaboration & facilitates community led action plans.

    Visit the Office for Safe & Healthy Neighborhoods or call (502) 574-2029.

    #OneLoveLou Begins With You.

    • A recent national report, The Mentoring Effect, discovered that one in three young people will reach adulthood without...

    • Facing the prospect of skyrocketing unemployment among the city's youth, newly-elected mayor Greg Fischer created SummerWorks...

    • We believe suicide is a preventable public health problem, and we are devoted to help keep our fellow Kentuckians alive...


    Encourage community. Encourage action.

    • 1 Create and promote opportunities for civic engagement
    • 2 Improve conditions that hinder education attainment
    • 3 Support economic growth with a focus on the most economically challenged neighborhoods
    • 4 Enhance the quality of intervention with individuals and families at the first sign of risk
    • 5 Promote a restorative justice community

    One person suffering from violence is one too many.

    You may have experienced bullying, violence, or assault in your neighborhood or school. The first thing we need you to know is that you're not alone. Keeping your neighborhood or yourself safe isn't snitching — it's protecting the people and places you love. If you know someone in need of help, don't be afraid to reach out to them and encourage them to get the help they deserve.

    If you need a hand, there are people ready and willing to help overcome things any day and time — whether it's violence, suicide, or substance abuse, help is out there.

    Take back your community
    one share at a time.

    There's more than one way to #BeThe1.

    One Love Louisville is also about viewing violence as a preventable public health issue. We want to work with every young person, house of faith, business, and community leader to make sure that we think about reducing violence the same way that we think about reducing illness or any other widespread disease. Join us on our mission.